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Monday October 22, 2012 - OLHAO PORTUGAL

Whoa.. today is TRANSFER DAY.. These days come way too fast. I am going to be staying in Olhão, Irmã Tingey is going to Braga wayyyy up north... and whelp.. I am training my 6th little missionary. I am excited. I need some greenie fire.. I know the lord is going to push me. I´ve gotta start this transfer running.. I know you all pray for me, but maybe add just one more pray in there would ya? ha ha

My brain feels a little blocked right now and i am not quite sure how to express all the tender mercies from the lord. Irmã Tingey and had a great transfer. We were tested and brought to our knees many times throughout the days. I have no doubts though that the work we did, did not go unnoticed.

One night Irmã Tingey and i were walking the streets of Olhão and we thought of one of our investigators Adriana.. We thought, hey let´s go pass by and invite her to church tomorrow.. We knocked on her door and when she opened the door, she had been crying. She had been so overwhelmed and stressed that she broke down and knew that we were an answer to her prayers. Her son has schizophrenia (i think). He is 37 years old and acts as if he is 5 or 6.. She takes care of him all day long and it is emotional draining.. but on top of her stress the night before she had found out that her daughter betrayed her and has been lying to her for months. Tingey and i were able to read some scriptures with her and help her feel full of love and peace. She thanked us for being such wonderful people in the world. She said i don´t connect with many people in the world because they are so worldly and not the kind of friends that i need in my life..

It is amazing a simple whisper from the spirit made a huge difference in Adriana´s night..

Summer has finally ended in the algarve and the rain is hitting us hard.. My water jacket that should be waterproof... is definitely not waterproof.. ha ha ha ha The rain storms makes talking to people in the street a little harder and we´ve gotta whip out the hard knuckles and start knocking.. but because of this Tingey and i found a miracle.. I saw an apartment building.. I looked to Tingey and said, let´s go there.. We went and started knocking on the 8th floor. no one answered. So we rang the 7th floor and a kind man answered and i said we would like to come up and offer a prayer to bless their home and said yes.. come up. WE went up and entered the home to see his sick wife lying on the sofa.. She recently had surgery on her eye and everything went wrong and she is close to being blind. We said if you listen to our message and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in your home, She will be healed. The husband cried and was so excited for us to say a prayer with them. They invited us to come back at a more convenient hour.. so we returned a few days later and explained the power of the book of Mormon.. left them with a book and they said they´ll read it. I LOVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST. It is amazing how it influences our thoughts and feelings.. do not doubt those small promptings.. they lead to great and marvelous blessings!

I love you all.. I hope your daily scripture study is going well.. Have a great week :)



Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

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