Monday, October 15, 2012

We are Pollinating the World

WE ARE POLLINATING THE WORLD!!! That was such a good talk from President Uchtdorf, was it not?! It is so true and little by little all our efforts count and that is something that i am continually learning here in the battlefield.. there is no room to loose hope, we´ve gotta fight it out and do it with a gladful heart. The only reason i made it through this last week was because President Fluckiger has given a study sheet for the next 3 months. We are studying the ministry of Christ and all the miracles he made.. It´s going great! I am learning how i can better my teaching and how i can be an example by truly serving the lord with all my might, mind and strength.
A few days ago i studied Luke 5. It is the story of Simon fishing and he wasn´t finding fish ya know?? Well, Christ was taking a stroll past Simon and could see that he was struggling. Christ said, let down your net. Simon replied, Lord i have been here all night. We´ve found nothing.. But i´ll try one more time. After he let his net down the multitude of the fish was too great that the nets were breaking, then the ships began to sink so they called over all their friends to help them out.. Simon kneeled before the Savior and said, Depart from me. I am a sinner. I can relate this story to my mission. At times i have a lack of faith.. The lord tells me to call someone, or go visit someone and i say.. Lord.. Do you know how many times i have tried and i have been rejected and that person wants nothing to do with us?? yet, he gently tells me.. Irmã Boshard.. go visits so and so.. So i do and we end up having the best lesson and it was just want i need to get my feet back on the ground.. But i still cry and feel so guilty for having a lack of faith and complaining to the lord.. i Truly know that he loves us and if just forget ourselves and do what he says he will bless us beyond our imagination.. All of you can relate this story to your life too.. I hope you know that he is aware of EVERYTHING. there isn´t one thing that he doesn´t know.. He is fully aware that his return to earth is near and that is why he has called a younger generation to get out here and serve.. Don´t deny the thoughts and feelings that he puts in your minds.. He knows you better than yourself and all you need to do is act.. There is no more time to wait.. Heavenly Father needs us to Pollinate the WORLD.. That means, Visiting teaching, Home Teaching, a simple phone call.. or a contact with a friend about the gospel.. We´re doing it together!!!!!

Alright, Last week was a huge blow for me.. Do you remember me telling you about our friend Paulo who we met through a window and marked him for baptism??? Well, He should have been baptized yesterday but it didn´t happen.. We taught him on Thursday about the 10 commandments and finalized everything to prepare him for his baptismal interview.. Friday we scheduled the interview, The elders came to our area to meet with Paulo and he wasn´t home.. He doesn´t have a cell phone either.. and we waited for a good hour and a half.. Saturday came around and we passed by Paulo´s house again, but no one seems to know where he is or what he is up to. Sunday morning arrived and we went to go pick him up for church.. yet he still is home.. The strong winds of the enemy have been blowing my way and i have felt so defeated.. WHY!!!!!! Paulo was trying so hard to give up drugs, smoking and drinking for a better life. Why did Satan have to get him?!! UGH.. it is so frustrating.. Saturday afternoon all our plans fell through and we thought we would start knocking doors.. Every door was rejection. At one door we were testifying to an evangelical family and i started bawling like a baby, pleading for them to just pray to know that our message is true and.. wham.. the door shuts. We finally made it to one door and a sweet lady opened her door and asked us to come back next Saturday.. All i needed was for one person to hear the lords voice and it made me feel so much better.. I know the announcement of 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters is proof that we are preparing for the return of our savior.. it is close.. and it is time to scream.. gently.. but loudly..

We have to press forward and endure the challenges and trials of our faith.. We already know that Lord will win in the end.. There is no sense in wasting time playing both sides of the field.. Stay on the lords side and don´t move..

Love You XOXO
Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

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