Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The work is growing more & more

How is it kickin in Utah fam?? Ohhhh i love you all.. Thanks for the updates on life. Life here in Odivelas is great. I love this city so much. It is getting chilly here and i am about ready to start buying my winter clothes. weird.. Today I forgot my list of things i wanted to tell you in my apartment so i am sorry if i forget things and leave out details..
Oh, one thing there is a member in my ward who was an Elder in Porto when Brother Meeks was the mission President.. His name would be Elder Viera to brother meeks.. He told me to tell brother meeks hi for him.. Small world isn´t it??

Yesterday we had a baptism!! It was a wonderful woman named Irene. She is the mom of 4 kids and two of her kids have already been baptized.. one of which i was able to see.. Her son is Bruno.. he is 9yrs old.. This mom has been through a lot in her life and seriously needs this gospel. She has quit smoking and drinking cafe. She told us the other day that is a blessing from god that she has more money to buy food for her kinds instead of buying cigarettes. I love this girl..

We had another investigator marked to be baptized yesterday but it fell because of SATAN.. ughh.. This boys name is tomas.. He is 12 years old and came to church with us last week. He loved it. He got a duty to god book and was already working on it during the week. He was so excited to go to church again with us and to be baptized, but one day we showed up on his door step and he was a completely different person. He was not excited to see us and said i don´t want to be baptized anymore. I don´t want to got to church.. It is too early.. blah blah blah.. I sat in his living room and cried. his mom was all for signing the papers for him to be baptized but tomas just doesn´t want this right now.. My heart breaks for these people. I want them to feel the love of the savior and the happiness i feel from this gospel.

We have a bajillion new investigator this week. The work is growing more and more everyday. President Torgan has an incredible vision for Portugal. I love it! these next few weeks are going to really pick up..

I have officially had my culture shock with the gypsy culture. One new investigator we have she is 18 years old, has two kids, is homeless and lives in a car with her boy friend. Wow.. i was just speechless. What a sad life.. She and her boy friend and kids came to church yesterday and loved it!! We want to invite them to be baptized but they need to get married first. so the plan this week is to figure out how to get all this done asap. Everyday i thank heavenly father for blessing me to be born into the gospel, born in america and born into an incredible family. I don´t know how i would function any way else.

My companion is a rock star.. I love her.. She helps me all the time with the language and we just laugh and laugh together. Heavenly Father truly knew who i would need out here in this work. Irmã Mortensen is a doll.. mom- Irmã is from Miami.. But long story short her family lives in Texas now. I will try to send you more pictures of us and our investigators.

The language is still hard and i am not fluent, maybe next week.. ha ha or in a few months. I learn things everyday and i am always making improvement, but with patience and time some day i will speak fluently. I hope you are all doing well. I love you all so much. Later :)


Irmã Boshard

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