Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Power Of Good And Evil

Olá.. September is pretty much.. What the?? I can´t even believe it. It is almost October which means conference!!!! YAY!!! Out in the field here we LOVE conference. Irmã and i have had a countdown for the last 25 days.. We are so excited.. For the Saturday session we are probably going to a members house to watch conference and then on Sunday we are going to Benfica with our zone to watch conference at the chapel there.

Last week i meant to mention that i got your letters from Park City. Thank you so much. I loved hearing from the whole fam! I am glad you all had fun.. It sounded like a blast.
This past week was long and crazy of course because there is not a normal day out here. Irmã Mortensen and i went to another church.. it was weird and different and i definitely didn´t like it. Everyone prays out loud and they all sounded whiny. We went because our bishop met a girl from this church and invited him to hear their message.. he said i will listen if you listen to my message and then he sent us to go meet them.. ha ha We tried to have a lesson with the church afterwards but it led to them not letting us read from the book of mormon and fighting us with scriptures from the bible. sooo yeah.

Yesterday at church was definitely an adventure. Randomly Buneca showed up and then tried to leave because she said she didn´t feel good inside the chapel. So she went outside and started talking to herself. So Irmã went to talk to her and said are you okay.. she said i am talking to the devil. He said i shouldn´t go inside. I don´t want to be here.. long story short, Buneca said the devil told her to break the chairs in her house and all the dishes too.. so she did.. We tried to give her, well not we.. but a priesthood holder tried to give her a blessing and she wouldn´t have it.. we couldn´t force her to do anything so she left and still have the devil in her.. looopy.. I honestly cannot comprehend being so low that Satan has that much influence in your life.. This week i have been reading in Moses.. The story of Moses walking with God face to face.. when God leaves, Satan tries to tell Moses to worship him.. Moses knows better not to follow him, but the second he has just the slightest doubt he sees the gates of hell open.. The powers of Satan are SO real. It is insane. Sometimes i really miss the Utah bubble. Culture shock is sinking in for reals.

There is a family in our ward who was baptized at the beginning of the year who´s daughter was taken away from them because of their living conditions. They have 3 girls total but only one was taken away and the government is saying that they have to wait at least 6 months until they can talk about her returning back to their home.. It is so sad. The poor mom just cries and cries whenever we go visit her. I done blame her so i cry with her. They are trying to stay humble and rely on the lord. They said ever since they were baptized they have dealt with a lot of opposition. But they are strong and can make it through this. It is hard to watch the situations people have to go through. I want to help so badly, but all i can do is pray from them.

We didn´t have a baptism this week. We worked so hard, had so many appointments, tried to baptize two people.. one didn´t show up for church and the other still said he wasn´t prepared. Irmã and i met with him in our chapel until 10:45 last night hoping we would have an 11pm baptism(it has happened before), but our investigator said when God tells him he is prepared, he will be baptized. sooo.. we are just going to continue to pray.

President Torgan is doing big things in this mission and other missions are hearing about it.. they want to know what the secret is.. We had a huge conference with 4 other zones this week in Benfica. I am extremely blessed to be able to serve here with President and Irmã Torgan. They are very special people. They know exactly what they are doing and how to do it with the help of the lord. I know the revelation he is getting is from God. There is no way the things here could be done by man. no way. Sorry this is a little shorter than usual. I am out of time. I love you all. Take care.


Irmã Boshard

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