Monday, September 12, 2011

HA HA HA....


It´s me again.. I feel like i was just here emailing you about last week.. Man.. The missionaries say time picks up every transfer and they are so right! I am already in my 3rd week of my 2nd transfer... AHHHHHH.. I honestly don´t even know where to start with this last week. My sweet fossil bag broke and i died! I was so sad. Remember how much i loved that bag? Now i use the cute bag carol gave me from Nordstrom and i love it. Thank you Carol.. Don´t worry Tanner, I am not using a backpack.. Never will.

Monday the zone leaders called an emergency zone meeting on pday! We went to the office in Benfica and talked about love for our investigators.. It was sad because obviously it is a big deal if we are having a meeting about this subject. One of the zone leaders thinks i have this immense amount of love for the people here (which i do) but he asked me to talk for a bit at our meeting (in Portuguese..gahh) why i love them and how we can all better love our investigators.. It went better than i thought, but dang.. I am still struggling with the language.. At the office i found some lovely packages! Mom.. thank you for the package from Whitney´s wedding. I loved it. Loved the pictures and the letters and candies.. Those jelly beans were amazing.. What are they?? Good job whoever picked those for the wedding. mom.. I cannot believe you took that twilight poster to her wedding!!! oh my gosh.. ha ha you should´ve cut out jacob and edward. ha ha ha Whit´s wedding was beautiful. You are glowing whit! I am so happy for you. Drew. thanks for the picks of Isla.. She is adorable.. She has this smile that looks suspicious. ha ha i can´t quite describe it. ha ha My dear XANGO friends.. You are too kind to send me that package. Oh my gosh.. You are all so thoughtful. The toys are amazing.. treats.. delish and thanks for the letters. I cannot believe how much fun we all had working together.. It just was not normal. ha ha

Okay- so this week.. Our zone leaders felt like everyone in our zone could have at least one baptism. So everyday they called to see how we were doing and who we were going to mark. It was kinda overwhelming because everyone we were trying to invite to be baptized, it was´t going so smoothly. We were teaching a girl Alina. She is 12 and is also taking lessons from the Jehovah's Witnesses. We have been teaching her for the last 3 weeks and wouldn´t come to church with us until she talked with her JW professor. So we went to her house on Saturday and she said i talked to my professor yesterday. I have my religion and i am staying with it. I don´t want to take you lessons anymore.. They way she was talking was so scripted.. It was sad. I testified and testified and Irmã testified but she wants to be a Jehovah's Witness.., Yuck! I am so sad for her.. but we warned her.. it´s on her now and we did our part to invite her to come unto Christ. So- we lost an investigator which was really sad.

Also this week we tried to meet with 2 investigators we wanted to baptize on Sunday. Everything we did wasn´t working. I have never worked so hard out here and felt like i was doing nothing to fulfill my purpose. We could never meet with one named Ari because her dad doesn´t like the church.. and the other, Gardet, never had time. It was so frustrating. So Irmã and i fasted. We were in some need of extra help. Finally we met with Gardet on Friday and invited him to be baptized on Sunday.. (yes i know that was fast.. but if it´s the lords will, we will do it!) Gardet said, i don´t know.. that is too soon.. and the recent convert teaching with us said, no.. it´s late.. you should´ve been baptized yesterday.. It was awesome! I love the recent converts here. Long story short, Gardet avoided us after that, didn´t showe up to our appointment and didn´t come to church Sunday and wouldn´t meet with us again.

It was Saturday nightish and we had an appointment with and investigator who was a reference from the elders in Lapa.. So we met with this guy Manuel. He was telling us that he went to church like 10 years ago in Cape Verde and has a book of mormon and wants to go to church on Sunday with us.. Irmã and i felt the exact same thing.. all week we were looking for someone who could be baptized and wha la, Here he is.. so we invited him to be baptized the first time we met him, in the first lesson for the next day! He said yes! we were thrilled and so grateful to heavenly father.. It was amazing.. It was like one of the stories you only hear about but no one knows the person who actually baptized someone that fast. ha ha So Sunday morning comes, and Manuel isn´t in church. We called him and he won´t answer. We called him like 7 times in 2 hours. Finally he picked up the phone, yelled at me not to call back and then he turned off his phone. Sacrament meeting was starting and i had to speak. I cried throughout my entire talk. I was so sad and frustrated we were given this amazing miracle to baptize someone and then.. he doesn´t want it anymore. Church was over and that was it.. We didn´t have anyone baptized for this last week. I felt like the biggest failure and i didn´t fulfill my purpose. I know i was extremely blessed to baptize my first 7 weeks here. But to go one week without.. broke my heart. It was so sad. I haven´t felt this yet.. I´ve never not seen sucess.. but i just have to keep moving forward and do better this week.

I am glad to hear Park City was fun. Mom- I am sorry you lost your ring.. I hope you find it.. You need to just take off all your stuff in one place and leave it so you don´t lose your nice jewelry. man.. that's rough mom. Boomer, how is high school? I want to hear all about it. Hannah how is your tooth and Seminary? dad, I am glad you are well and happy.. Your hair is completely white.. what the heck happened.. and i stressing you out too much?? ha ha Mom.. How are you? How is JetBlue? Drew you sound happy and well.. don´t be having any more kids yet.. Tanner.. you are great and i love you. I am sorry you are so busy all the time.. Isla is a beautiful baby.. Oh i love you all. Thanks for your support. Take Care my fam..


Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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