Thursday, September 8, 2011


August 2011 They city of Loures, it's a part of my area and Odivelaf and lots of apartments here. I took this as we were going to teach a family.

August 2011 Zone P-day we went to Alemeda to play frizbee at the park with the Lisboa zone, not everyone in the zone could make it but we still had fun playing in the rain. Elder Dacosta, Olson, Walter, me, Chrtste, Irma Joslin, Spurlock, Roundy, Rose, Rodriguez, James, Fillerup.

August 2011 Luciano's baptism (left to right) Diamontino, Luciano, me, Irma Joslin Luciano is the one we had a hard time getting a hold of and taught him one lesson over the phone and then the night before his baptismal interview we found out where he lived and taught him on his doorstep all of the commandments.

August 2011 Ivo's baptism (left to right) Bruno, me, Ivo, Irma Joslin, Marlane, Sofia. Marlane was baptized 2 weeks before, Bruno was baptized the next week. Sofia is 7 years old, all cousins

July 2011 Doris & Bruno baptism – It was windy and really sunny outside

July 2011 Irma Jolslin and I at a church in Campo Paqueno for a district meeting. These are hand painted tiles and this is funny because this is on the side of the LDS Church

August 2011 Edson's Baptism! He was elect. Me, Tenda (a member) Edson & Irma Joslin

July 2011 First District Meeting Elder James, Me, Irma Joslin, Elder Fillerup – We are the coolest district ever! We have a lot of fun together

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Sara said...

looks so neat and like you are having such an amazing experience!!! so happy for you!