Friday, July 1, 2011

óla minha família :)

How is everyone?!! Thank you for bringing my prescription mom!!! You are so wonderful and how cool you got to see Elder Oaks. I saw him a lot this week. He was all over the campus. We just wrapped up Mission President week and it was amazing but such a catotic week here. Lines to eat in the cafeteria were awful. But, There was such a sweet spirit here with all the general authorities and mission presidents. On Friday night last week Elder Bednar spoke to us at a special devotional. Elder Oaks, Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, Elder Scott and Elder Anderson were all presiding. It was pretty neat. Elder Bednar IS INSPIRED. His talk was about becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries. He spoke with passion and such an indescribable spirit. He talked about 5 basic requirements that will helps us become PMG missionaries. i wish i could share all my notes with you right now. I'll have to send you a letter about it later. At the very end of his talk he began to cry and said, "You can do this! The savior knows you can do this. You will have his help. As his servant, i promise you'll have his help. In his help and strength you can do this!" He then bore his apostolic witness (thanks for teaching me that dad) and i can't even tell you how i felt after listening to him. I was giddy and on cloud 9. What an opportunity for me to listen to him. He also said before he closed, i evoke upon you every spiritual capacity, when you become what he wants you to become. Sweet!

Last week was crazy. We finally have a new branch and presidency. Some how with my old branch president being released. He was recalled to the new branch i am in. It is such a blessing. The missionaries in my branch are going to Brazil, Angola Africa, and Mozambique. We are all speaking Portuguese.

Today was my last going to the temple for 17 months. The Provo temple is being closed for cleaning and i will be gone when they reopen it. However- i may have the opportunity to clean the temple on my pday. Tomorrow i get to host the new missionaries. I am so excited. I hope i get to see Erin Nelson! But i am sure i'll see her in the next three weeks before i leave. Weird.. I leave in 3 weeks! OH MY!!! I leave sometime around July 19th. I received a letter from a friend who i met here and he is already in Portugal and he said get ready to work. He said it is so different speaking Portuguese in Portugal, but he loves out there. I am so excited to finally get out and share this amazing message that i have. We are so blessed to have this knowledge. I am so happy to be serving. I know i tell you every week, but i am truly called to serve and so grateful to be a disciple of Christ.

Mom- so, i have been craving some fruity pebble rice crispy treats, minus the rice crispy. ha ha can you make me some? Also, Before i leave the US i am thinking i might need a refill of my prescriptions. Do you think you will be able to send me a refill before July 19th? I just don't want to make you send me my pills to Portugal. thank you!!

To all my XANGO friends- Thank you for the package you sent me. I laughed so hard at the pictures and pom poms (can't spell, sorry). I loved you letters, treats and everything in the box. You are all so incredible and i am truly blessed to know all of you. You are so good to me. Thank you!

Drew and Tanner- How was Mexico? what did you do down there?
Fam- How is life? What are you all doing this summer? What's going on in the Boshard house?

This week in Class we watched a Mormon message with Elder Wirthlin and he talked about come what may and love it. Trust the Lord. We can Endure our trials. We should do our best and leave the rest to him. WE CAN DO THIS! God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I know this to be true. Satan has really been working on me, but i get on my knees and pray. We are never alone. Have faith and now we can endure to the end.

I love you all and i am so grateful to have you as my family for eternity!!!! Ahh i can't wait to tell other families about this plan. It is such a blessing for me to be a missionary.

Love you,

Irma Boshard

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