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Minha Familia (my family)... My wonderful family! How are you? Thank you so much the package you sent me yesterday. Drew also sent me one last week, and i literally yelled and jumped up and down in the mail room. ha ha everyone thinks i am crazy already, so i have no shame. I LOVE the shade shirts. THAAAANKS! Love love love the treats too, most importantly thank you for the letters. I get so eager to read your letters. They make me so happy.

I can't even begin to tell you the love i have received being here in the MTC. I have met eternal friends here and i have received many letters from all my wonderful friends and family back home. I love you all!! Thank you!

Also, Thank you for sending me Bo's obituary and the comments people have said about him. It breaks me heart for his family. I hope they are doing okay.

My schedule changed here at the MTC. Hence, i am emailing you on a Tuesday. On Sunday my branch was dissolved because there was only 7 of us in our branch. It was really sad. I'll be getting my third Branch President while being here for only 6 weeks. Weird huh? On Sunday i spoke in sacrament in PORTUGUESE! It was awesome. and i gave the closing prayer in Portuguese. The language is starting to pick up and i am feeling better about the progress.
Pdays are wonderful but i feel like i never have enough time to get things done. I can never write everyone back so it takes weeks to catch up! I'm sorry if i haven't written any of you back. Desculp (sorry).

This week is mission president week at the MTC. It's insane here. General Authorities are in the main building so everything is blocked off. I can't wait to see who is speaking tonight at our fireside, and on Sunday at the devotional. I have been blessed with incredible speakers while being here. It is so uplifting and rejuvenating to hear servants of the Lord give us advice for the mission field.

Have i told you enough how much i love my companions? ha ha Well, my little Irma Young has this incredible talent she has been hiding. She is a writer. An incredible writer. She writes me poems of things she has been observing. ahh she makes me so happy! How did i get so lucky with 2 companions. I am so blessed.

Loved the emails today! Thanks :) I love the quotes dad. They lift my spirits. Mom, you are so wonderful in sending me all the letters! I am grateful to have you in my life. This week i have realized how blunt people think i am. I never considered myself as a blunt person ha ha but i am surrounded by sheltered people. ha ha However, I wouldn't change a thing about myself. ha ha i would rather be the way i am than sheltered. You are all so wonderful and i am glad you had a good time on Trek. Boomer and Hannah, I will forever remember trek. It changed my perspective of the pioneers and showed me how blessed i am to be living in this dispensation today.

Keep praying everyday, read your scriptures! Counsel with the Lord in ALL thy doings. He loves us! He wants to hear from us. He is our loving Heavenly Father who knows you! Boom, start now preparing for you mission. There is so much to prepare for. Be knowledgeable in the Book of Mormon. It makes me sad to get on a mission and realize how truly important the Scriptures are. I know this is the Lords work. I am one of his many messengers to bring souls unto Christ. It is the best calling in the church.

Mom dad, thank you for supporting me while i am on this mission. I know you will be blessed and i hope all is well right now. I am grateful to be your daughter! I will be here for only less than a month!!! I leave sometime around July 19th. Time is flying! It flies because i am so focused on the work and the week is gone before i know it.


You are incredible!

Love always,

Irma Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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