Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Ahhhh Missionary work is incredible!!"



I always look forward to my pdays so i can write you. It's been a crazy week for me. I feel like so much is going on here at the MTC and so much going on in my life. Currently there is an intestinal virus going around and we are not able to make ANY contact with anyone here at the MTC. We can't shake hands, not hugs (with the same sex of course) and we have to make sure we are constantly washing our hands. I've heard this virus is pretty bad NO ONE wants it.

This week i had an experience teaching my instructor about committing to baptism. We started the lesson by committing the investigator to baptism and he was supposed to say no so i could ask why and then try to figure out how to commit him. This was clearly done in portuguese but it was all broken portuguese. Irma Walker and me were trying our hardest to get all the broken portuguese we could out. Our investigator kept saying no. Not yet. I am not ready. We were bearing our testimonies and he couldn't understand a word Irma Walker was saying. I was praying so hard in my heart that the spirit would help us. Let me know what to say!! I was struggling and getting so frustrated. All of a sudden our investigator says, " Quando." I was thinking... What, Quando? What is that.. Bah ha ha Quando means When and he couldn't stand it any longer and committed to baptism. He said the spirit testified to him SO strongly he couldn't say no anymore. His eyes welled up with tears and i know he felt the holy ghost. I felt it too. Ahhhh Missionary work is incredible!! It makes me so happy to know i can be saying nothing in portuguese but someone can feel exactly what i am feeling. I can never deny the holy ghost. It is too powerful!

Irmão (brother) Sorensen, my instructor said my companionship has, "jeito." That means skill. He said the Irmãs and me compliment eachother and work well together. We are able to bounce off of eachothers testimonies and teach from our hearts. What a compliment. I love our instructors! We've started reading from O Livro de Mormon in portuguese. It's been fun to see the potential of understanding what the scrpitures say. I love it.

Yesterday was an adventure. Irma Young has had an ingrown toenail and we finally had it looked at and they said she needed to go to the doctor right away. So we hopped on a shuttle and went the foot doctor. It was quite the adventure. I watched the whole procedure and man it was gross. They way they kill the root of the toenail is gross. yuck. but i am really happy for her because she is out of pain. It was weird leaving the MTC yesterday. I was thinking.. oh yeah, there is life outside the MTC. ha ha it's like i've forgetten what it is like.

On Sunday i watched music and the spoken word. The first hymn they sang was how firm a foundation and i instantly thought of you dad! I know that is your favorite hymn. I got a little emotional. I miss you all but i am not home sick. I am so happy here! I know this is what i need to be doing.

I received the letter on Monday about Bo. I was shocked. I didn't know how to feel and then all of a sudden i was overwhelemed with emotion. My heart aches for the Pennington family. My heart is broken to know he was so miserable and sad that he made the decision to take his life. The last two days i have been thinking of all the fun memories i have of him from high school. He is a good kid and a good friend. He is a very loved boy and will be surely missed. Man- i don't even know how to express my feelings about it. I'm just so sad for him and his family.

Thank you for the quotes mom. They are so uplifting. You are so wonderful to always email me. Thank you! I can't believe Jack will be a puppy daddy. cuuute! And dad, Happy Birthday on the 19th! I hope you all do something fun! and i hope you got my fathers day card. I have a card for Tanner, i just need his address. Did you get my letter and pictures? I sure hope so! Let me know how Trek was! I want to hear all about it! It was one of the best experiences for me. I wish i could go again.

You are the best family and i love you so much! It's weird i will only be here for another 4 weeks and then i am off to Portugal. Time flies here at the MTC. I am truly doing the lords work and being prepared to spread this gospel. I happy to be a servant of our Lord and i know this work is true! Thank you for raising me in the gospel adn letting me have the opportunity to leave home for 18 months so i can help other families be together for eternity. You're all so special to me!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Have a great week :)


Irma Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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