Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy Week


It has been a crazy week. I feel like i have so much to say but i only have 23 minutes and counting. Thank you for the emails and letter. I love them like no ones business. This Sunday we had Susan Tanner and her husband speak in Relief Society on Sunday and then a managing director from the missionary department came to speak to us too. On Tuesday for our fireside Elder Packer of the seventy and his wife came to speak to us. They gave us lots of insight. It is an incredible feeling to always have the spirit with you, except for when i start singing songs that are not from the hymn book. ha ha i always catch myself singing when i shouldn't.

This last week has been really hard. My roommate Sister Ratigan is not doing well. It has been an overwhleming task to take care of her. I am drained and i will spare you the details. I have spent many hours in President Bertasso's office. He is in the MTC district Presidency. He is helping Sister Ratigan get through this hard time but he is also teaching me and my companions how to help her too. This has been a challenging experience for me on top of trying to learn a language and principles of this gospel. However, the Lord is humbling me. I am learning patience and as you know i have a hard time with that. I am learning to rely on the Lord more than i ever have in my entire life. But i am still being so blessed. I am so lucky to be where i am. He never said it would be easy... but it will be worth it!

Isla can say Jack!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Oh my gosh. I can't wait for the day when i can hear her talk. I miss you all so much.

My District is great. There are 5 of us. 2 Elders and 3 sisters. We get along so well. I am growing to love my companions more and more everyday. They are wonderful and we were meant to be together through this expereince.

I have not received your package, but hopefully it will be here soon! Thank you!!!!

Did you tell gma jake thank you for me? Gma boshard sent me a package with her home made toffee. My district loved it! She sent me so much! Will you tell her thank you for me too. I have been so blessed with packages and letters. It is wonderful being a missionary.

Yesterday I was sitting with my district eating lunch and guess who came to sit with us?!! President Brown. He is the President of the MTC. Ahhhh.. he is a wonderful man. He told us about when he was a mission president in Chigao and he talked about his family, and we each got to talk about ours. We all talked about why we were on a mission too. It was so neat to get to sit with him for 20 minutes.

So, Portuguese. It is hard! I know i have only been here two weeks, but the language is coming slowly. I can read better than i can speak Portuguese. It is a mix of spanish and italian, so when i hear other missionaries speak i can pick up on words that they are saying. It is really cool. Brasilian Portuguese is just about the same as Portugal Portuguese, but the pronunciation is different. We speak more formally than Brasil.

What's new with the family? Has Boomer wrecked a car yet? ha ha just kidding. Dad, what new at the church head quarters? Mom- eat all my food that i left for you! It's yours :) Hannah, how's school!! Drew- what have you been doing? Tanner- how's swift pro?! Isla- oh i cry when i think about her. I miss you all so much, but it's amazing how strong i am and not even homesick. I love it here. I am truly doing the Lords work.

I'll have to write you a letter later this week and tell you more about what has been going on here at the MTC and in my lessons. The spirit is always there and it always testifies. Even if it is Portuguese. I love missionary work. I have pictures to send you too! You can finally meet my district and zone! We have the greatest branch in the MTC.

Oh, on sunday in Sacrament meeting i had to give the closing prayer in PORTUGUESE! I had to write down my prayer so i didn't mess up. ha ha I have the greates teachers who are so patient. They both served in Portugal. They tell us crazy stories all the time about gypsies. ha ha I need to watch out for them.

My time is up! I love you i love you i love you!


Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family


Shannon said...

Love hearing about your MTC experience. You're amazing!! It's hard to learn a language, but trust that the Lord will provide. :)

Kaj Larsen said...

Thanks so much for posting these letters. All of us that read them will really treasure them.

inkley boys said...

Kinsey can you hear me? love ya you are so darling I can't wait to see what you do in the field...