Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi There Family-

Oh how i love you all so much! Dad- i am sorry about your TV. I can't believe that happened and i hope you're coping well without a TV downstairs. I will be the first one to tell you, you can so this. I have gone 7 weeks without TV and it feels amazing. No joke. Thank you for the Christlike Attributes. I can't believe there were 89!! I read that whole thing in teo days. I even read it to my companions and they loved it. I am going to make them a copy if that's okay. It was inspiring and so uplifting.

Mom- Thank you for the package and treats. YUM! you are so wonderful. We ate the treats as a district in TWO days. Gross i know, but they were so good :) One of my instructors always calls us "porcus" But i can't spell it in portuguese. Sorry.. It means pigs. ha ha we eat all the time in our classroom. ha ha

Hannah- Thank you for your letters! You're a gem and i love you. How are you sweetie? What are you up to this summer?

Boomer- Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!! I can't believe you will be 16 years old. WHOLY COW! Be safe and make the right decisions. I love you.

Drew/Tanner/Isla- What is new with all of you! Update me! Serio!

On Saturday one of my mock investigators was baptized. AHH so cool. We've been teaching him for the last 7 weeks and he finally was ready! I can't wait until i get to Portugal and that actually happens! It will be an incredible experience.

It was crazy to see Aunt Jenny and Molly Jane as i was crossing the street last week. I was just leaving the field from gym and i was shocked to see them! I didn't know what to do. I'm not use to giving hugs (weird i know).. so the last minute before the light was green i ran to molly's window and gave her a hug. Tell Jenny i am sorry i didn't get to give her a hug. In 16 months she'll get a big one!

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July here! It was fun and on Saturday we had a special devotional. We were able to hear from one of the Branch Presidents here at the MTC who use to work in the white house with presidents of the US. His name is Stephen studdard and he has written many books and he is very knowledgeable about our country history. We had men with bag pipes play for us and flags from all over the world were carried into the special devotional. We then got to go outside and they had Haagendaz ice cream bars for us as we watched the stadium of fire firework show. VERY COOL!

Sunday night at our fireside Jenny Oaks Baker spoke to us and played the violin. She is Incredible!! Please go buy her CDs. she has major talent. Of course she is the daughter of Elder Oaks and is a spiritual giant. I have been so blessed to hear from amazing servants of the Lord. Jenny has an amazing talent with the violin. she went to Julliard and has a masters in music or something like that. She also played in the national symphony. she's got experience. Serio... Go buy her CDs.

Last week Gma Bo sent me and my district a 4th of July package with sparklers and carmel, chocolate covered pretzels. they were amazing!! Tell her Thank you for me! That was so thoughtful of her.
Gma Jake writes me every week without fail. She is so wonderful and thoughtful. Tell her thank you for me too! I have received a lot of support here. Thank you to all of you!!

Can you do me a favor. I need to write sister Lauren Schmidt. But i do not have her address. Her sister has a blog for her and i am pretty sure her address is on there. Can you send me her address?? Is it pouch mail too?? I'm not sure/ Her blog is Thank you so much!

Last night we did a FHE with our district and it was the first time we've done that here. We each got to give a 5-7 minute lesson on something we learned from It was really sweet and i watched a video on this boy named Paris. Go watch it. It's called Hi, I'm paris. I cried listening to his story but it's amazing what the gospel brings into peoples lives.

I got Whitney's wedding announcement this week!!! It's here!! she is getting married!! OH WOW! I am so happy for you Whit. you will be an amazing wife. I hope the wedding planning is going well. I'm there in spirit!!

I love you all!

I only have two weeks from today unitl i leave the MTC.. EEEkkkkk I get butterflies thinking of leaving but i am so excited!! Stay strong family. Remember who we are representing at all times. You are all so wonderful and i hope you can feel the bessings of me being on a mission because i feel them everyday.


Irma Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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