Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lea's Birthday

It was my co-worker and friends birthday on Sunday and we decided to decorate her desk! ha ha the theme was kind of jungle with Fabio! ha ha it was the best idea we have ever had! We used one of the XanGo blow up bottles and we dressed it up like Lea. We used a great wig that Cheri brought with a leopard shirt and my vest with lots of necklaces.

Here is something Cheri came up with... It is a picture of Fabio with a letter saying he would never forget her! ha ha and she draped a lingerie top over the frame!

This is the face of Lea! She has always wanted big boobs, so we stuffed one of my old bras and they WERE HUGE!!!! ha ha but then we added a saying... check out my coconuts!

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