Wednesday, July 18, 2012

President & Irma Fluckiger arrived July 2012

Monday July 16, 2012 at 11:44 AM

The Fluckigers have arrived and I LOVE THEM!!!!! Our conference was in Porto this week and let me just tell you that President Fluckiger was HAND PICKED by the lord to guide this mission. He is tender and loving. I am so grateful to be here and know them.

This week was really weird and out of wack.. for pday Irmã Palmer and i went to Porto to catch a bus to Lisboa because we had to take care of somethings with our residency card.. So Tuesday we spent the day in Lisboa and it was awesome.. then we returned to Porto and slept with the irmãs there.. I got to see irmã Young which was so fun.. then we did some splits with Irmã Fluckiger because she wanted to work with us. She is a hoot! On Wednesday was our conference with President and Irmã Fluckiger.. They speak purely with love and they speak portuguese well.. they remember a lot from their missions.

We had a bunch of appointments fall through.. and well.. Satan is working over time on our area.. PRAY FOR US! Pray for the members, our investigators and Irmã Palmer and i. Thanks :)

Actually we had a really cool contact at the bus stop two days ago. We met a sweet woman on her way to the hospital to visit her husband and began to talk about families and the gospel and she saw a book of mormon in our hands and said.. is that a book of mormon? We said yes.. She said i read that 40 years ago and i loved it and i wanted to buy it but my friend told me that they don´t sell it. You could get it through someone else.. She said she has dreamed of reading it again and well.. I filled out a book with our information on it and gave it to her.. Her eyes were WIDE open and she was so grateful that she had found the book once again. Hi, can I just say that LITERALLY heavenly father puts his children in our path so we can teach them and help them accept the gospel. We did nothing. It was the spirit and the Lord.

The gospel is true. I can never deny that! I love this work. sorry this is short. I´ve gotta go.. i hope you like the pics.. i have many more to send but no time. yikes. Have a great week my loved ones!

Beijos XOXO
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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