Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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24 July, 2012

Soooo, i don´t know if any of you have noticed, but my emotions are a roller coaster out here! ha ha i´m sorry. Heavenly Father has blessed me to be here in Vila Real because i need to make a difference. Although i feel very small and insignificant, Heavenly Father is trying so hard to build his kingdom here. The progression isn´t coming like i am use to and like it should. I guess at times it is my lack of faith or lack on my part, but i feel like we really are trying our best. i have never felt so much rejection in an area than i have here. Satan knows the elect are all over the place but a lot of hearts are closed off. I am learning patience. A LOT of patience, with myself and everyone else around me. Except my companion because i love her and we work well together. Irmã Palmer is great and teaches me so much. She always acts on the promptings of the spirit. It´s amazing how we plan lessons for our investigators and right before we knock on the door we feel like we need to change the lesson plans. For example, We had planned to teach Shirley and Teresa about the holy ghost the other night. We were really excited to tell them what they will receive after baptism. (we´re still working on the baptism part but we want them to know of the blessings afterwards) Well- right before we left the house to teach them, Irmã and i decided that we needed to change the lesson. We felt like the second lesson would be better at this time and that we needed to show them the film together for ever, but we didn´t know why.. We arrived at the house and during the lesson Teresa cried and cried because she has a 6 year old daughter in Cape Verde and she hasn´t seen her for 6 years.. basically since she was born.. We talk about the challenges we go through and how they lord will take the burden away from us.. we explained that she will live with her daughter again and in the lords plan he will take care of the both of them.. She was very grateful for the lesson and asked that we come back the next day. The next day we returned and Teresa said the opening prayer. She thanked heavenly father for the lesson we brought to her the night before and that the lesson was very special to her. What a huge blessing! I am speechless when i see the lords hands moving like that right in front of my eyes.. I don´t how to explain it, but it is just one more confirmation that the lord is aware of the work we are doing and he will guide us and direct us. I just need to stay that much more patient.

The last 5 weeks have been a challenge because Shirley and Teresa have been about the only 2 progressing investigators this whole transfer and for me, this is the lowest number of progressing investigators in my whole mission. Let´s just say that the Lord is humbling me.. big time! I´ve decided if they are the only reason why i have come here, all the hardships are worth it. I can´t grow if i don´t hit a bump in the road. I can´t appreciate the small and simple things if i have everything.. I have to go through what i have gone through and what is yet to come so Heavenly Father can continue to mold me help me become what he wants me to become. It´s hard to learn in the moment, but afterwards it is all worth it.

I love you.. Boa semana :)

Happy 24th of July!

1 Nephi 13 :37

We´re all building Zion.. Your reward will be great.

Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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