Monday, July 9, 2012

The Atonement is for everyone....EVERYONE

Date: Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 1:36 AM

Subject: The Atonement is for everyone.. EVERYONE
Last week.. Irmã Palmer and straight up saw miracles.. and i used to always think that miracles are baptisms.. they are, don´t get me wrong.. but baptism doesn´t come without the other little steps and every single step counts. We went to the city of Chaves (sounds like shhhhaves mkay). We are trying to open a branch out there. There are 4 active members that live out there. Mom, dad, daughter and son. Chaves is about and hour or so from vila real by car.. but by bus it is about 2 and a half hours. This sweet family so badly wants to have their own branch in their home or a small chapel.. whatever it may be.. they need it. When Irmã and i arrived in Chaves we got right to work.. obviously.. and we started knocking on a apartment building. We kept praying after every button we pushed and i said i am not leaving this building until we have found the elect. There was one man named José who was busy at the moment we passed by but he asked that we pass by at 3pm after lunch.. so we left.. did more work.. at lunch at our members house and returned to his apartment. José said, i am sorry but i am working. This is not my apartment so i can´t talk for long. We explained our message quickly, he said he didn´t believe in god. He is catholic but not practicing.. so basically he is looking for the gospel and doesn´t even know it. We gave him the restoration pamphlet and we told him that he needed to read it that night.. He said, well can i have your number. I can meet with you another time?? ELECT!!! He recognizes the lords voice.. seriously. it gives me chills. We exchanged information and marked to meet with him hopefully in the week that comes. We met other on the street that said they would love to attend church but vila real is too far.. ugh, just pray that we can get this branch open in Chaves and the lords work will continue to grow out there. Oh wait, my story isn´t done about José. when we came back from Chaves we received a message on our phone. It said hi irmãs.. I want you to know that i read the pamphlet you gave me and i hope you´re doing well. Okay. I know is sounds dumb, but we kicked, jumped and screamed for joy because he read the pamphlet. It is great when the work doesn´t go unnoticed and a small thing such as that pamphlet is going to change his life for the eternities. I love chaves. Pray for the city of Chaves and José. The Lords work is continually moving forward!!! Don´t ever doubt it.

Last night Irmã Palmer and i passed a less active. She is rounding up all her friends to come listen to us and it is AMAZING. Paula was baptized years and years ago but fell away with her brother. The last two weeks she has started to come back to the sacrament meeting with us and she is loving it. Anyway. last night we taught Paula, her brother Maro, his girlfriend Teresa, and two of her friends Shirley and Silvia. We taught them about temples. We showed them the temple magazine and taught them about the house of the lord. Paula said during the lesson, I can´t enter because i am a sinner. I had a baby outside the bonds of marriage. We told her that WE ARE ALL sinners and no is perfect and that she can take care of that and go to the house of the lord.. It made me so sad to see the sadness in her face when she said that to us. We explained the atonement and how she will overcome this. It was in the past, the lord will forgive her she just needs to continue to make good decisions. I can´t express to you what a privilege it is to help someone see their worth. to help them know that no matter what we do, the lord loves us and we can always change. Ahh i wish i had more time to explain. i´ve gotta go, but i love you. you are worth more than a million bucks in the eyes of heavenly father. Take care my loved ones.

Beijos XOXO
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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