Monday, May 21, 2012

The Plan of Salvation

Herro, queridos..

I love Mondays because i get to share all my crazy adventures with you.. It blows my mind how much can truly happen in just one week. I don´t know where to start because i have had so many highs and lows.. So where to start.. high?? low?? okay, we´ll start with the low and end the email on a high note.. mmkay??

My recent convert Beto.. you know he was struggling to come back to church after he received the holy ghost.. For a few weeks he has been trying to avoid Irmã and i and he would never answer our phone calls.. Well, I was sitting on a bench praying Thursday afternoon and the spirit told me to call Beto.. I called his phone and his mother answered, so i chatted with her for a bit and then i asked, is Beto around? I would really like to talk to him.. She said, Beto passed away last Friday. I said no.. you´re lying. She said, no it´s true.. I chocked on my words and had nothing to say.. i said i´ll call you back. I called Beto´s friend, Luis and said.. where is Beto? How is he doing? Luis said, Beto passed away last Friday.. I said i need to talk to you.. where are you? So we met at a park 15 minutes later and he told me it was true. Beto had died due to a heart attack in his home and his mother heard him fall and found him on the floor. He went into a coma and died just a few hours later. Luis cried and said he was my only friend.. I feel so alone.. I was an emotional wreck, and could only think of a few scriptures to read, told him of heavenly fathers plan and then we prayed with him and left.. Words do not come close to expressing how i felt listening to this story. I felt numb.

For the last few days i have been reflecting on Heavenly Fathers plan.. like seriously reflecting because Beto was just baptized not even a month ago. He was so elect the week of his baptism and right afterwards Satan worked overtime on him.. He had lost his testimony and wasn´t the same Beto we met just the week before.. Heavenly Father needed Beto to find us in the exact moment that we found him, he needed to be taught about his worth and then be baptized.. Once he was baptized.. His mission was complete here. I feel so privileged to have been an instrument for heavenly father to help Beto finally arrive at the baptismal font and complete his purpose here on earth. After a day of crying and reflecting my testimony was strengthened and i so badly just want to continue to find those who heavenly father is preparing for me and Irmã Barlow. Our time here is so limited and short. It´s gone in the blink of an eye.

Sooo.. Alright on with the high now.. Domingo, our amazing investigator.. He is the man that bore his testimony in church his first Sunday with us a few weeks ago.. remember him?? He had been asking for a gospel principles book after his first time in church with us so we gave him one last Sunday and I was hoping he would actually flip through it.. well, we taught him this week and he pulled out the gospel principles book and said so i have been reading the last few days and i am already on the 15th chapter.. My mouth hung WIDE open. Domingo is a boss!! He loves the book of mormon and our message but he can´t seem to reflect on baptism a second time.. He said he will only do it one time and that is it.. I am kinda stuck and not sure what else to do besides bearing my testimony, telling him to read the scriptures, and pray night and day.. it is going to take a miracle to get him in the water, but pai celestial is all about miracles so i am just trusting in him right now..

Irmã Barlow and i had two of the coolest contacts this week at the metro stop.. The first one a man walked up to us and said.. is that a book of mormon? We said, yes.. Have you talked with our colleagues before? He said yeah.. I have been to your church too and i loved it. I actually lost my book of mormon. Can i buy that one from you? We said.. No way.. we will give it to you for free.. He was so excited and said okay.. I am coming to church with you on Sunday.. Where can i meet you? We planned it all out and then i said before we leave can we say a prayer with you? He said yeah.. I will say it. Then he said the prayer for us and it was legit.. He ended up not coming to church with us yesterday because he woke up sick but we marked to meet with him this week. I am so excited for this sweet little child of god.. The elect are walking among us!!

The next contact i talked to a mother of 4 and began to testify of the restoration of the gospel and she said, I am Muslim. I am not interested but can i give your card to my son? My husband died a few years ago and my son hasn´t been able to recuperate since the death.. He dropped school, work and doesn´t do much. He needs a path, faith or something. HELLO.. I said what is your address and we will be RIGHT OVER! So we exchanged information, prayed with her and she couldn´t stop thanking us for the prayer and message.. She said i have my faith, but i respect you for what you are doing. Thank you. She was so kind.

There are so many more adventures and miracle stories but they are in my journal and you´ll just have to wait.. I love you all. Don´t ever give up on faith, treat EVERYONE WITH KINDNESS.. We are representatives of Christ at ALL TIMES.. as Members, friends, neighbors, missionaries.. whatever it may be.. Think before you act, and then act in the most appropriate way ya know.. okay great. Tchau!

Take care! XOXO - Com amor,  Irmã Boshard

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