Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8th Transfer ~ ALMADA ~ 14 MAY 2012

Minha Família,

I love you all so so much. Seriously.. oh mom.. Happy Mothers day!!!! I hope you have the best week ever.. You deserve it. You´re so kind, giving, and thoughtful. I can´t tell you how much i love you and i am grateful you get one whole day to yourself this week. Soak it allll in. I can´t wait to wish you happy mothers day during skype on Sunday. I am thinking i will do the same thing as Christmas and skype you at 7pm my time.. Just have skype on and ready to go when i call.

Alright news time... Transfers are today.. Irmã Wilde left for Madeira this morning.. ya know my last area in Machico.. I am so jealous.. and i will be staying in Almada for my 4th transfer and yep.. I am training AGAIN. 3rd transfer in a row. Heavenly Father needs me to learn something from this experience and from these sweet humble missionaries that are just arriving in the field. I feel so blessed to be their first companion and show them the ropes of missionary work. When they first get here they are so willing to do whatever it is that the Lord needs them to do. They are so humble and submissive to the spirit.. I love it! It makes me a better person and missionary to share these experiences with heavenly fathers daughters. Pray that i can continue to do the will of heavenly father. He really needs me to help teach his children how to be strong missionaries.. This is a huge responsibility. But i am grateful and love every moment.

Currently i am in Odivelas, (my first area in Portugal) until Thursday when my new companion will arrive.. It is so fun to return to my first area and see some of my recent converts.. Little tender mercies from the Lord.

Irmã Wilde and i had the most incredible day yesterday at church.. We walked into the chapel, there was a man in the entry talking with a member.. the member stopped me and said, Irmã.. Do you know this man.. I said no, i am sorry. What is your name? He said Antonio.. I talked to you a few weeks ago.. I said, oh really.. I am so sorry i do not remember you.. Where did i meet you? He began to explain and then i remembered we had contacted him like 5 weeks on the sidewalk and he wasn´t super interested in listening to us so we just left our card with him and promised him blessings if he came to Church with us and then we carried on.. Well, Yesterday Antonio said that he saw our card that we gave him and he was interested in seeing our church services. He came to church alone and stayed for all of sacrament meeting.. It was a miracle from Heavenly Father.. but that is not all.. Irmã Wilde and i contacted a man named Domingo this week and invited him to church and he actually came!!!!!!! He sat and listened attentively during testimony meeting and then at the end of the meeting he got up to bear his testimony and said he loved the feeling of the spirit and was grateful that we stopped to talk to him in he road.. He said this was the second time he had been invited to attend the LDS church and he knew the Lord was telling him something. He Loved the way we held the service.. He was so legit.. then at the end he yelled alleluia! Amen. Then he sat down.. I was BEAMING!!!!! We had other investigators in church too, but i can´t express my gratitude for every blessing that Heavenly Father has given me. He is so good to us out here in the field. I find the greatest joy in seeing the happiness of my investigators..

Thank you for all your prayers for me and Almada.. Do you remember me talking about Misael?? He walked out of priesthood yesterday and said, Irmãs I am going to be baptized. We screamed and said when.. he said tomorrow.. We screamed again and said.. let´s go and plan your baptism right now... So as we were planning his baptism we talked about the law of chastity and found out that he is living with his girlfriend.. He always calls her his wife so we thought they were married but in reality they are not.. We told him they have to get married or separate until they get married.. you know because of the temptations and all.. He said for the last year they have been talking about splitting but it has been hard because they have a daughter involved.. Man, this is complicated.. We all cried together and he knows that baptism is what he needs to do, So we are praying SUPER HARD that everything will go well and we´ll talk to him this week to see what he and his girlfriend are going to do.. He told me yesterday that i needed to be present at his baptism and i was not allowed to leave the area or he was going to call president Torgan.. well his prayer was answered.. Misael is legit.. beyond legit.. He is the next stake president here in Portugal.. I can´t tell you how heavenly father prepares his children for our message, but he does.. It is a privilege to know these converts in the church. I LOVE THEM..

I know i am staying in Almada because our ward needs to be strengthened. We are weak now but through the small and simple things, the great things are going to happen.. 1 nephi 16.. i don´t know the verse.. look it up. Day by day we can make changes and before we know the hearts of people become softer and more open to the work.. I am excited to stay here again and get deep in the work. I hope you all continue to strengthen your testimonies and make good decisions. We´ve only got one shot at this life.. Make the most of it now and stop thinking about yourself.. Get to work and serve god. I love you all.

XOXO Beijos
Com amor,  Irmã Boshard

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