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APRIL 30, 2012

Waaad up Boshard family...

My oh my.. What week we have had out here in Almada this week. It´s been ice cold, windy, rainy and miserable one day.. Then the next day the weather changes and it´s hot and goes all bi-polar on us.. It´s really funny during rain storms here because our electricity is weak and our lights flicker.. Like the haunted mansion at Disneyland. ha ha we love everything about the antique stuff here.

On Wednesday i got a call from Irmã Torgan saying that Irmã Wilde and i were receiving a new addition to our companionship.. Irmã Rojo was in California waiting for her visa and it finally came so she arrived here in Portugal during this transfer and the Lord decided that i should train two greenies again.. We are having so many great experiences together. Irmã Rojo is from California and speaks Spanish so she is pretty good with the language.. What a blessing for her.. Irmã Wilde has been SUPER blessed with the gift of tongues and has picked up the language very quickly.. I am thrilled for her.. and then there is me.. and well.. I am still learning.. It´s not as easy as it seams to learn a new language.. Seriously.. I thought it would be a breeze but i am still butchering my way through it.

This week The Irmãs and i have been working so hard with our investigator Valdino.. He has been meeting with the missionaries since 2005. He is so ready for baptism but won´t let go of his fears with the "what if´s" after baptism. He had finally accepted baptism last week and we were preparing him with killer lessons, he loved it and felt the spirit, but yesterday we went to get him for church and he IGNORED US! it was horrible.. We went to church so sad and defeated. Satan had gotten a hold of Valdino and his baptism fell yesterday. After church was over we went to Valdino´s house and talked about his fears and how the lord will help him for the rest of his life.. Clearly we are not perfect and the savior knows that.. So he will give us the courage to continue on and he will strengthen our weaknesses.

Valdino said.. come back in 20 days and we will talk. I need to think about this.. We said you have been thinking about this for 7 YEARS!!! My heart breaks for him.. He is miserable and so lonely. Pray for Valdino.

Thankfully with every heartbreak we have other things to look forward to. Misael!!!!! He is the one who invited us over to his house on my birthday.. He is AMAZING!!! This morning Bishop Vaz came with us to teach him and it turned into a VERY LONG conversation of everything under the sun. Seriously, Misael is going to be the best stake president here in Portugal. We just have to get him in the water.. Bishop loved him and can´t wait to talk to him more this week. To see the progress of Misael has been worth every tear i have ever shed here on the mission because i know he has a testimony and knows the gospel is true.. He just has some things to take care of and he will be on the right track straight to heaven. He has a heart of gold and will a dear friend for the rest of my life. He is the best dad to his little girl and is so good to his wife.. They will make a huge difference in our ward. I am so excited! 

Ruth and her husband Antonio are making progress.. They still aren´t coming to church but they are reading and love the message.. Ruth wants her whole family to have a Book of Mormon and she wants a miracle or vision to have the faith we have and we told her that she needs to come to church!!!! She´ll make it there. I know it.. I can´t tell you what it blessing it was to have found her contacting on the streets.. Antonio is going to take some time because last night he told us that Joseph Smith did not see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but he just created the church on his own and he said what we teach about the word of wisdom contradicts the bible.. you know we don´t drink wine and Christ did.. Well.. It´s something we are working with and there is nothing that we can´t handle.
THIS IS THE WORK OF THE LORD!!!!!!!! I hope you know i love my name tag and i will forever cherish this time the lord has given me to do his work in Portugal.

I LOVE YOU XOXO   Com amor,   Irma Boshard

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