Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Month of March" ~ ALMADA PORTUGAL

Sooo, we hit a few bumps and challenges in the road this transfer but all we do is get back up on our feet and continue in front, right? Duh. So i basically had the craziest experience this week with an investigator.. We knocked on a door not knowing what was going to hit us right in the face.. Antonia is a sweet older woman who lives alone and says that her neighbors are witches.. Her house is possessed with demons and i practically said a prayer to send them away and it changed the way i view the power i have as an irma.. So yes, the men have the priesthood, but we also have the power of heavenly father to help his children in anyway that he needs us to when the priesthood isn´t available. So as Antonia is explaining to me that she has evil spirits in her home and her neighbors are evil i only knew how to say a prayer. I didn´t know how to do anything else. It´s not like i can give her personal advice and help her out.. only the gospel can do that. Clearly. The moment i said the prayer and asked Heavenly Father to bless her home and to bless her with comfort i had the most overwhelming feeling come over me. I know it was the power of the Lord and he heard my prayer and instantly his presence was with us. It was amazing, and a testimony builder of the power of prayer and my calling as an irma. We wanted to help antonia in other ways too so we offered to go back and clean her house.. Let me just tell you her house hadn´t been cleaned in 7 years.. it was a bit hard for me to clean the spiders on the walls and the cockroaches nest, but sweet little greenies helped me out and swept them up and we mopped her floors and did what we could to make a small difference in her home. She asked us to come back and help her clean another time too. She loved it.. We ended up returning again this week to teach her and when we arrived she had told us that the evil spirits returned and she had the urge to do some really bad things to other people.. eeeekkk so we said a prayer, i called the ward mission leader and said, hey can you leave your house basically RIGHT NOW and help us out?? He came right over with another member, blessed her house and gave Anotnia a blessing.. We got right out of there and let Heavenly Father take care of her.. She is a wonderful woman who needs to be baptized and blessed with the gospel so she is our goal this week to teach her and prepare her for baptism.
Training is still going well.. slowly the work is picking up, we still need help from our members but we are working on that one. It won´t just change over night. I love the mission, i love my greenies, i love my savior, i love the book of mormon, i love my calling and i love all of you. Have a great week and i hope you are all preparing for CONFERENCE.. I can´t wait. okay... love you bye. XOXO
Com Amor,
Irma Boshard

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