Monday, March 12, 2012


Thanks for the emails and pictures.. You´re all a great support system :) I don´t have much to say this week.. unfortunately.. the work has really been hard for us this transfer and especially this last week.. we have one investigator that is kind of progressing and other than that, we can´t get into homes to teach and we aren´t marking anyone for baptism.. I don´t know what it is.. I think the temple ground breaking is coming up soon and Satan is ticked.. because i really don´t have any other excuses.. We walk all the time trying to find people from the area book and contacting on the streets and knocking doors but we can´t seem to get a solid lesson with them. I so badly want to be a good example for my little greenies and i want to show them how fun the work can be but we are just struggling this week.
The one investigator we have is Ruthe. She is from Angola, 50 years old and she is awesome and wants to know our message is true, but she can´t seem to feel anything.. not even the spirit and she isn´t really reading the book of mormon and the chapters we leave with her.. She came to church a few weeks ago and liked it, but she isn´t willing to be baptized until she learns more and can feel what we feel as we testify to her.. In the end, we are continually praying for her and helping her in anyway that we can. We are hoping to prepare her for baptism this Sunday.
Irmã Gutierrez has really picked up the language and is speaking well and sweet Irmã Walton is trying so hard to learn the language.. she speaks well too and speaks better than i did when i got here but she is so ready to just teach.. We work well together and these girls are always ready for what we have next. I know heavenly father gave them to be because i have something to offer them... I just hope i have helped make a difference in their lives.
The lord is molding us everyday into what we are yet to become.. i am grateful for the lows in the mission because sometimes i take a simple contact for granted on the sidewalk.. When someone actually says ´´yeah i would like to hear more.´´ I don´t know what i am supposed to learn from this transfer but patience and work harder. This work never stops. Even as members.. we should be diligent in sharing the gospel everyday.. We all have a part in this work.. just as missionaries we dedicate our whole life to teaching for the time being. Never forget who you are representing.. ALWAYS be a good example, speak kind words to one another, always take an opportunity to share your testimony about what the savior did for you and for the entire world.. It´s pretty incredible.. Just continue to pray for the people to have an open heart here in Portugal. Pray that the work of the Lord will continue to bless the lives of the people in Almada.. We need your prayers. I love you.
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

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