Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Take This A Second Time Around

Oh minha família.. I adore you all and thanks for the pics. Love seeing all your shinnnny faces on my computer screen. Last night i got the transfer phone call. I got really excited because i knew that some big changes were going to happen in our area.. because it desperately needs it. So on the other side of the phone call an elder told me that my sweet little greenies are leaving the nest here in almada to go to another area and i get to stay AND TRAIN ANOTHER GREENIE!!!!!!! Can you believe it, I am training again. Yeah, the excitement went to me being nervous and I basically threw up twice.. ha ha Heavenly Father is giving me another opportunity to help his children be baptized and teach his cute little missionaries in the field. I wasn´t expecting this transfer at all. My greenie will arrive on Wednesday and i will start training her on Thursday. So, just pray for me. Thanks.

Yesterday, We had picked up two investigators to walk with them to church. They are brothers, Filipe and Francisco. We were planning on baptizing one of them.. Francisco. We found him last week, taught him all week and everything had been running really well. He is a little bit slower and doesn´t fully comprehend everything but he has such a sweet presence and a mentality of an 8 year old so we felt like he should still have the opportunity to be baptized. Anyway, Yesterday as we were sitting in sacrament meeting, the bishop announced the baptism and a member stood up and said Francisco.. you are being baptized again?? He said yeah.. She said no, you can´t be baptized.. you were already baptized. He just looked at her and i froze.. I took the member out in the hall and she explained to me that she saw his baptism like 25 years ago and his brother Filipe was baptized too.. I felt sick.. I couldn´t believe that all this time he had never told us once that he had been baptized before.. So, In the end we didn´t have any investigators in church like we thought we did. We has two less actives that we had been teaching for the last week ha ha. Wow.. yeah.. stop laughing at me.

We have found a good base of progressing investigators and i am so excited for their progress. One night we passed by an apartment that was an reference from headquarters and no one was home so obviously we left. As we were walking up the road, a young man had grabbed Irma Gutirerrez and said wait.. did you just pass by my house?? I have been waiting for you.. I ordered a book of mormon and the dvd, finding faith in christ.. He said do you have it with you?? We so cheerfully said YES! We sat on a bench, taught him the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes! He is a cute little teenager, 15 years old, searching for the truth.. I am so excited to teach this young man. It was a miracle.

I Love you all, time doesn´t give for me to blab more.. Have a superb week! XOXO

Com Amor,

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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