Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gift Of Tongues

Gooood Morning Family,

I hope you are all enjoying your time in California.. You lucky kids get to go play at the beach! I hope you all had a good time.
Last week was a super hard and rewarding week for me. Just when i think i cant be more humble, once again Heavenly Father blesses me and i feel even more humble. I cannot express to you how real the gift of tongues are. Heavenly Father has made a miracle out of me. He is right by my side every step of the way this transfer. I feel like the moment i waked into this transfer with two new greenies, I have been blessed to understand and speak Portuguese better. Have you heard the tea cup story?? You should look it up and that is exactly what i am feeling like.

Last week we were teaching a sweet young girl Nuxa. She is 14 years old and is a bright bright girl. She has many questions and doubts about the gospel but has continued to pray and read the book of mormon. We were trying to help her work towards baptism yesterday but she would not accept the invite. so after church on Sunday one of my zone leaders wanted to talk to her and go over the baptismal interview questions.. He felt like maybe that is what she needed to finally accept baptism. Well, Lo and behold he was inspired because Nuxa walked out of the interview and said i am going to be baptized and it is going to be today. So we ran to her house, got permission from her mom and ran back to the church where she made the biggest decision of her life and she could not have had a bigger smile on her face. It was my little greenies first baptism in the field so i tried to make it really special for them and show them how rewarding it is to be an instrument in the lords hands and see the labor of our fruits. I love love love this work. I love training and teaching these adorable new missionaries how it is that they can help others come unto know christ. Irma walton and irma gutierrez are studly missionaries.. They are progressing so well and it is such a privilege to be training them. We are learning a lot together.. Yesterday our Landlord was trying to ask me questions about rent and she was saying words i has never even heard of ha ha and i tried to understand and it wasn´t working out so well and straight to my face she told me that i speak really bad Portuguese. ha ha all i can do is continue on and learn right.. ha ha

My advice to you this week is to read Alma 48 about captian moroni and follow his example. I want to have the same attributes as he did when he was leading, serving and guiding children of god. AND if we do this, we can avoid the temptations of Satan and have a firm foundation of what we should really be focusing on during the day. LOVE YOU. XOXO

Com Amor,

Irma Boshard

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