Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh You Betcha Transfers!!! :(

What up fam!!!

Okay, so my hands are like freaking out right now and i am going to have diarrhea of the mouth, well diarrhea of the fingers in this case today.. We got our transfer calls and i am leaving Maderia.. I am SO SAD.. This island is like home for me. I love the people, my recent converts, my new investigators, the members. I can´t believe this!!! Wow.. so we got the transfer call today and i am going back to Almada, weird.. I was only there for one transfer and now i get to go back. You wanna know why.. because we are receiving 13 new irmãs and i am training!!!!! WHAT I KNOW.. I am tripping over here. I guess Heavenly Father trusts me, because i am still not confident in the language but i will just be guided by the spirit. Wow. I am nervous. Training. really?? I do have to say i am so excited and can´t wait but man, i have to step it up this transfer. Training.. a newbie.. I am going to be a mom.. in the mission field. so i hit my 9 month mark this week.. crazy.. I guess this whole time on my mish i have had a little irmã in my belly.. ha ha wow that sounds weird, but if you know the mission lingo it would make sense. ha ha i´ll explain later.
It was a great week, we had interviews with President and they went really well. He is SO inspired it is sick. Seriously. He taught us that the mission is like a university. We pretty much only have one chance to serve, especially at this age and we have to make the most of it while we are here. Everyday we have a class with the Holy Ghost. Every class is different and if we are not being obedient than we missed a really important class that day for the holy ghost to teach us something. He said we need to be in tune at all times. Some classes are repeatable and the spirit will teach us again but we may have to wait for the next time the lord is ready to teach us the same principle again. So it is better to always be prepared for what the Lord has for that day. Sorry it doesn´t come out right in English.. I am translating and it sounds funny..sorry. I hope it makes sense.
ummm Our sweet little family is doing really well.. They are all progressing, reading and praying!! I am soo proud of them and so sad i will not be here for their baptism. Okay, José he is not the uncle. He is the father of the two girls, but anyway he is seriously addicted to wine and we didn´t know how serious it was, but we tried all week to help him and prepare him for baptism, but he couldn´t stop drinking so his baptism fell through yesterday. The rest of the fam came to church yesterday minus the mom and one daughter but I feel so blessed to know this fam. We made them prayer rocks this week to help them remember to pray day and night. They turned out so cute! oh and Manuel, his baptism fell too. His wife didn´t agree with the law of Tithing and said it was too soon and whelp, his baptism fell too. To make the situation better, he leaves this week for the Azores and won´t return until November.. We were pretty bummed yesterday, but I know there are things i have to learn from this and change and do better TODAY, not tomorrow. I´ve gotta go, pack my bags, and maybe catch a flight tonight. I love you all.
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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