Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pretty Good Timing

For me, timing is everything. Everything in my life right now, has come at a really good time. I feel so lucky to be where i am. Including friends, life, school, work.. It just all fits together so well. I have the most amazing friends and people in my life at this moment. Over the weekend i went to girls night at my dear friend Lexi's house. We made THE cutest headbands. I mean THE CUTEST! and yes, we made them. Lexi is so creative, she gave me some of the best ideas. After our headband making party, we went to The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe which has some fantastic cupcakes. They are HUGE too! Look at how yummy :)

We had about 14 girls in this cute little cafe and it was so fun. They only had two flavors left for the day which were Better Than Whatever and Grasshopper. Delish! These girls were so much fun and i just love them. I have come to terms with friends coming and going in my life. It always seems to happen to me. But there are a few who i have always stayed close to, and i am so grateful for them. Like Cassidi Smith. I LOVE HER. She's moved out of state a couple of times and i missed her SO much but we would still talk and i would visit her whenever i could. She is having a little boy in 2 weeks! It is crazy. I can't believe how fast time flies! We have been best friends since the 5th grade. How awesome is that?! Cass, you're the best and i know you have always and will continue to be here for me. You are a doll! Lex, we couldn't have become the best of friends at a better time! I adore you and think you are amazing! I am so grateful to have such a special relationship with my sister Drew. Drew is prego and i am so excited for her and Tanner. I love you Drew and thanks for everything you do for me. I couldn't ask for a better older sister and example! xoxo Lauren, this is for you.. I LOVE YOU!!! and i am so sad you live SO far away but we also couldn't have become best friends at a better time! You always have the best things to say and i want to be you! You complete me ha ha. All of you girls have impacted my life and i will never forget what you do for me! How did i get so lucky!


Tanner & Drew said...
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The Nielsons said...

Aww... Kenz... I adore you! I wish we could spend more time together. Thanks for being a dear friend and sister.

Madison said...

I love the Cocoa bean! They have one in Rexburg and it's so delicious.