Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who Knew I Would Train For A Half Marathon

Seriously, I am going to run a half marathon. I never thought i could ever do anything like this. I am super nervous but so ready to start training. This is pretty much what my schedule will look like for the next 2 months.. Fun stuff.. NOT. I kid.. This will be an adventure.

The half-marathon schedule

Toughie No. 1: Three 10-minute intervals at 10-K pace, with 5- minute recoveries
Toughie No. 2: Three miles at PHMP
Toughie No. 3: A 5-K race or time trial

Toughie No. 1: Four 6-minute intervals at 10-K pace, with 1- to 2-minute recoveries
Toughie No. 2: Four miles at PHMP

Toughie No. 1: 3.5 continuous miles at LTRV (10 to 12 seconds per mile slower than your current 10-K PB)
Toughie No. 2: Repeat 800s at a pace which is 6 seconds per 800 faster than current 5-K pace
Toughie No. 3: Six miles at PHMP

Toughie No. 1: 10-K fartlek session (alternate 2- to 3-minute bursts at 10-K speed with one minute or so of easy jogging over a 10-K distance)
Toughie No. 2: Seven miles at PHMP

Toughie No. 1: Moderate hill session (on a tough, steep hill, do six or more repeats, but not enough repetitions to induce soreness)
Toughie No. 2: Three 10-minute intervals at 10-K pace, with 5-minute recoveries
Toughie No. 3: 5-K race or time trial

Toughie No. 1: Nine miles at PHMP (early in the week)
Toughie No. 2: 5-minute intervals at 5-K pace, with 3- to 5-minute recoveries. Leave the workout feeling fresh and charged-up, not mentally and physically drained.


Shannon said...

Dang! I thought training for a 5k was hard. Go Mackenzie!!

Madison said...

Kenzie!! You can do it!!! I never thought that I could do it but I did. Training is hard at first but you will really start to like running eventually, I promise you!