Friday, December 4, 2009

Life can be so Frustrating

I have finally come to realize, things change, plans don't work out and life is just so darn frustrating. I thought i had everything figured out for 2010. I was going to work full time and not go to school January through April to save up for an amazing and once in a life time trip to Europe!!!! Then, when i got back from Europe i would move to Provo and just see what path my life is going in. Well, pretty much Europe has fallen through :( which i am so sad about. But, hey, there is going to be plenty of time for me to save up and go some other time; and now i am second guessing myself moving out. I am so close to being done with my associates, i don't want to just take a year off of school.. When i planned all of this, it felt like a good idea and now, i'm just not sure. We'll see what happens. Everything happens for a reason, and we will see what the reason is for this situation. It better be good!

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