Friday, December 18, 2009

XanGo Christmas Party

Last night was one of the best nights EVERRRRRR. XanGo had their employee Christmas Party at the Thanksgiving Point Barn. Jason Hewlett was the main entertainment for the night and he was hysterical. My friend Brea and i were crying we were laughing so hard. After he entertained for about an hour, the founders of XanGo did the prize giveaways, which was taking the money from a founders pocket. There were six people call up to get the money from the founders, then they called a name to take the money from the President of XanGo's wallet. Guess what?! It was ME!!! I was in complete shock and i was so freaking excited! Craig (The President of XanGo) pulled out $200 cash and a coupon to Sharon's Diner in Holiday. Gordon (one of the founders of XanGo) wanted to pay me $50 for the coupon to Sharon's Diner. I laughed and thought he was joking, but after i got off the stage he took the microphone and asked where the girl was that got the coupon and said, "I will seriously pay you $50 for the coupon." So, he came down and got the coupon and i received an extra $50! Best night of my life! Oh, and earlier that day, at the XanGo Christmas breakfast, there was a $25 gift card to Target!!!! XanGo is such a wonderful company and i feel so lucky to be apart of it.

Here is a picture of Me, Vanessa and Brea at the Christmas Party. We dressed up as Christmas Ornaments. ha ha it was hilarious!

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Vanessa said...

i LOVE this picture!! haha it's always from my fb isnt it?? the best. the food this year was so good!!