Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is this world coming to

I heard a few days ago that Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna???!!! WTF... Through the grape vine i heard it all started over a text Chris got from a girl; it was a booty call or whatever and Rihanna freaked out (she has every right to). Rihanna took the keys out of Chris's ignition and threw them out on the concrete so she could get out of the car... after she threw the keys out he said "i am going to kill you".. When the police arrived she had a bite mark??? and she was in pretty bad shape! SO SAD!!!! :( I hope Rihanna is recovering and i hope Chris goes away forever! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE him! where did he go wrong? Dude why are you in hiding! Fess up and do your time! You don't treat girls like that NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!


Ashlee Barrett said...

I TOTALLY agree!!! He is a punk, and I don't care what the girl did you don't just beat them up!

Vishous said...

Ok so I found your blog on Ashlee's (this is Rachel Yates btw) Anyway...I am pretty sickened by this story. I was singing to one of Chris Browns songs the other day and then just stopped in the car and changed the station. I felt like a sinner for supporting him like that right now.