Thursday, February 5, 2009

African Dancing

Today in my dance and culture class, we had a visitor come in. Her name was Rosie and she teaches African dances! It was the coolest experience. It was fun because no one was a good dancer, so we could make a fool of ourselves without feeling lame! ha ha Today's experience makes me want to take more classes and learn about the dance culture. The moves symbolize things in their daily lives and you just have to be able to shake your hips to look normal.

Rosie traveled to Africa not too long ago and she said they dance for 2 hours everyday. Which goes by fast because you are having so much fun and you aren't thinking about the movements! Dang i could get into shape!!! ha ha you can take classes at Westminster on Thursdays at 7pm.. and it is $5.00. Check it out! It would be so awesome!

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