Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life sucks.. then you die.. ha ha

The past week has seriously made me so depressed, but it has made me realize how blessed i am.. I am surrounded by the most wonderful people! I work with people that could never ever ever ever be replaced! So, my car broke down and it sat at the Salt Lake Community College campus for 2 sad and lonely nights until i knew what i was going to do.. We did a little jump start to the engine and it totally worked... We thought i might need a new battery. My dad helped me pick out an awesome battery and it totally started on its own.. Well, the next day i went to leave for a baby shower and IT WOULD NOT START AGAIN! I hate being with out a car! I feel so LAME! But my sweet sister and brother-in-law gave me their car as a lender until i can get my car fixed! Man, life is tough.. College tuition is due tomorrow and i am being a big girl and i am paying for it myself! I have never spent so much money for books and the classes! It's so insanely expensive! Gosh.. i wish it was affordable to get an education! Hopefully things can turn around and life won't be so hard! But i am great, and this is a teaching experience! I can't be so depressed over things i can't control!

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Ashlee Barrett said...

Hey!! I'm SO sorry your car broke down, I had no idea!! School does suck and paying for it is the worst!! I really miss our lunches together! Lets go somewhere next week like Jamba!! Let me know if you need anything!! Love you!