Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break

It has been a wonderful vacation! I took 2 weeks off work and it was awesome! My sister and her husband slept at our house on Christmas Eve and we watch Christmas Vacation! It was so funny! then Christmas morning we opened our gifts and everyone got some great gifts! I got a Burberry jacket!! AHHH I love it, and i got some Juicy Couture earings and socks from my sister and her husband... and since i love to color all the time i got a box of 100 coloring pencils and a huge Hello Kitty coloring book! ha ha it is my favorite thing to do!

This week i took my brother and sister sledding with their friends, and i got stuck in the snow! I was freaking out because it took us an hour to get out! Thankfully this really nice family that went sledding too helped us out! I don't think i have ever freaked out so bad! ha ha My 4-wheel drive couldn't even get us out.. thats when the panic kicked in!

I saw about 5 movies in a week and a half... ha ha i have been so bored! I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, Valkyrie, The Curious Story of Benjamin Button, 7 Pounds, and last but not least Marley and Me. They were all so good! I had no idea how many attempts there were to kill Hitler! I was so glad a movie like that came out! I really like Tom Cruise in it.. I thought he did a very good job. I was never a fan of him because he started to go psycho but i think he has changed and i am so glad... 7 pounds took me by surprise. I had no idea what it would be about but it didn't turn out how i expected. But you couldn't expect anything, ha ha i still liked it. I love Brad Pitt! If you haven't seen Benjamin Button, please do!!! It is almost 3 hours but it is so worth it! I cried in Marley and Me. I was so sad... so so sad but it has a wonderful story line!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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