Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

Today i found some interesting and random things about myself... It all started because of facebok and so i am sharing it with you!

1. I am drinking a Dr.Pepper right now!
2. My name is eiznekcam spelled backwards.. ha ha
3. I randomly break out into a song and then dance.
4. I like to drive around for no reason.
5. Did you know when you die your hair still gross for a couple of months.
6. I prefer wearing a dress instead of jeans.
7. I want to travel all over the world before i die. I need to make a bucket list!
8. I worry too much.
9. I love just sitting on the beach.
10. I paint my nails at least one to two times a week.
11. I love to eat Jalapenos..
12. I over analyze everything.. It sucks..
13. I love watching sports whether it's on TV or going to a game.
14. I prefer the AC over the hot air while in the car.. Or anywhere.. My body temperature is WAY off!
15. I am super ticklish.. more than anyone i know!
16. I love shoes!
17. I hate when it snows.. I'd rather see the rain.
18. Things are easily said than done.
19. I love eating out! Or take out is just as good!
20. I just bought this awesome lotion you put on your face before your make up and my skin is like silk... I know your jealous!
21. I miss boating season.
22. If i write a paper, i usually re-write it because i am weird.
23. I love watching Glenn Beck. He makes things sound not so complicated!
24. Black is my favorite color.. I wear it everyday and it dominates my closet.
25. This is harder than i thought it would be!

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