Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mission Call

Wholy Moly!! I cannot believe how long it has been since i have updated this blog.

Update: I'm going on a mission!! Crazy right? I never thought this day would come, but i turned in my mission papers December 14,2010. It took only a handful of people to open my eyes and get my priorities straight in life. I felt the strongest impression to read my patriarchal blessing one night. So i went home, read my blessing and realized i need to change some things in my life and i knew i was supposed to go on a mission. So, my papers were submitted a month later, i got my call a week and a half later.. and now, i am going to Lisbon, Portugal!!!!! I get to speak Portuguese and i enter the MTC on May 18th. It is about a 4 and half month wait, however i know Heavenly Father is making we wait so long for a reason. I am definitely being taught patience. Every day seems so long and i am just dragging.. But i have a lot of good prepping time.

Heavenly Father has used a couple of people in my life as instruments for him to help me get to this point. I am grateful to be a part of this gospel and share my testimony with the people of Portugal.. Ahhhhh.. It still hasn't hit me yet.

I'll make sure to update this more before i leave. I've got a trip planned with my best friends to visit every temple in Utah in the next 2 months. Yahoo :)

Here are some places i will go to in Lisbon!!!


Shannon said...

Oh man, I am seriously so excited and so dang happy for you to go to Portugal and be a Missionary. You're going to be amazing! The people out there will love you, and I know you'll build lasting relationships with them. You'll be amazed how much Heavenly Father loves his missionaries. There are days I wish I could be a missionary again...for like a day...because it's hard work. But SOOOO worth it! I love you and am SOOO happy for you!

Sara said...

what?!!! yay!!! i seriously had chills as i read this to tommy! i am soooooooooooooo excited for you...and a little jealous! you are going to have such an amazing experience- congrats!!!!

troy and erin said...

Congrats cousin! That's amazing! You will be a great missionary. Hope I see you a few times before you leave :)