Monday, February 7, 2011

Draper Temple

I received my temple endowment January 28th in the Draper Temple and it was beautiful. Words can't express the feelings i felt as i sat in the temple listening to the spirit.

To help time pass more quickly in the next 3 months, my friends and i have set a goal of going to every temple in Utah before i leave in May. I feel so blessed to be able to have so many temples within driving distance. There are 13 in Utah!!

This experience will help me so much because i will be in Lisbon during the building of the new temple!!!! Isn't that so exciting! The Lisbon temple was announced during the October 2010 conference. I can't wait to share the amazing things you feel when you go to the temple. The closest temple to Lisbon is in Madrid, Spain which is 400 and some odd miles away. The members are so dedicated because they travel that far just to go to the temple. They are very special people and i get to serve them!! I cannot wait.

I have exactly 100 days until i enter the MTC!

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