Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I went to the doctor on Monday to have a follow up about my thyroid because I swear it is giving me problems.. But, I found out my red blood cells are larger than they should be and I need to have some more testing done too make sure it is not to serious. I sure hop this is not a big deal.
Last week I went to the dentist and I had a crown.. but it is not the real deal.. I just have a sick temporary on. Ha ha

Onto a more interesting note... I went to Britney Spears!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! She was so freaking amazing.. I need to download the videos and pictures! You'll love them! It was kind of weird because she didn't talk to the audience at ALLLLLL!!!! She only said, "What's up Salt Lake". LAME!!!! But it is probably because she has said so many crazy things on this tour! Her latest album is called Circus.. if your out of the loop... Duh! Her concert was like you were at the freaking circus. People were doing crazy things and jumps, and blah blah blah.. you'll see what I am talking about when you see the pictures.

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