Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I just celebrated my 20th birthday on Sunday! It was the best birthday ever!!!! On Saturday My family took me to Market Street Grill and it was so GOOD!!!!! It is my most favorite place to eat! When were were done eating my mom bought the Strawberry Shortcake... MMMMM.... It is not as good as the fruit tart but it was pretty satisfying.
On Sunday conference was great! I loved every single talk! I sat on the couch all day long!!!! It was so awesome! My mom made me breakfast and it was yummy! During the conference break i went to the Draper temple to take pictures and they turned out to be fantastic!!!
Monday when i came into work all my cute friends decorated my desk and it was MESSY!!!! ha ha For lunch they took me to the Pie Pizzeria. We had so much food i could have thrown up afterwords.. ha ha we were stuffed!

I just have to say this because it was hilarious when my dad said it.. On Saturday, my dad and i were setting up our new TV stand, and he was telling me to hand him the Phillips screw driver.. WTF.. I had no idea what that is. So, I handed him whatever was in front of me and he said, "you are as useless as tits on a man." HA HA HA i was laughing so hard! Only my dad would come up with something like that!
Here are some pictures of my awesome weekend!!! Enjoy!

I work with the sweetest people EVER!! Cheri gave me super cute flip flops and a beautiful stationary set! AHH I love it!.. Tina made me a lovely bracelet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Lea Gave me a necklace that stands out!!! It is exotic and tropical.. (that is what i think of when i wear it. ha ha) and Brea gave me some Uno cards and a USB port for my computer, and hand sanitizer, and a flavorful chapstick and gum!!! All the things i can't live with out! I love you girls!!!

Also, Morgan and i went to Pei Wei on Monday and then we saw fast and the furious! It was so good! We loved it!! I totally want to go see it again! But i got the cutest outfit from Morgan!!!!! She gave me a yellow tank top with a crochet pattern.. it is kind of hard to explain but it is so cute!!!!! Then, she gave me blue bracelets, a blue headband, a gorgeous red flower ring and sparkly gold hoop earrings.. It so summery and wonderful!!!!

I love all of you who are in my life and take such good care of me!!!!! xoxo

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troy and erin said...

Happy birthday!!! I love the comment that your dad/my uncle/my BISHOP said! Ha ha! Glad you had a great birthday... see you on Sunday :)