Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camping in Mona

Last night was incredible. My best friend Cassidi, Adam and I went to Mona, Utah for an over night camping trip. The weather was insane. It was pouring rain, then cleared up, then lots of lightning and thunderstorms. It was the most beautiful view and regular camping will never be the same or even measure up.

We didn't get to the camp site until about 10pm and had to set everything up in the dark. HA HA It was pretty much pitch black and raining. Adam was the smartest one of the crew and brought a lighter for the fire that didn't work. We didn't eat dinner over a campfire.We sat in the tent eating crackers and fruit and played Uno. BUT, It was so much fun. I was freaking myself out because the wind was blowing and the cover on the tent would hit the windows and i seriously thought someone was creeping on us. We didn't get to bed until it was pretty late. AND Adam decided to wake up at 7am (butt crack of dawn!!) and drive to Nephi to buy matches. We had hot dogs and marshmallows for breakfast. It was yummy. Then, we went to the lake/ pond with a rope swing and hung out for about 2 seconds and left.

The next camping trip is going to be just as amazing!

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