Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Today i changed my blog background probably 15 times, and i ended up with the same background as the one i started with. Ha ha School started on Wednesday and i cannot tell you how excited i am to get my generals finished and onto to subjects i actually enjoy. The first day of school is always a little rough, especially when you go to a new campus and you are lost for 30 minutes. I felt so ridiculous when i couldn't find my way around. I almost just skipped the class and said screw it. I'm done. Ugh, any way i decided to be boring and only take 2 classes this semester; English and Film. Woopdeedoo it is going to be so HARD this semester... NOT! ha ha
I decided i am in love with men who play soccer. Not that i wasn't before.. it's just going to soccer games has changed my life. I want to go see an insane soccer game in Europe where the fans are out of control. I went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game last night and we had THE BEST seats ever... (kudos to my boss TJ) We sat right in the middle of the field on i think row N.. It may not sound too good, but i am telling you those seats were freaking amazing. Those boys who can run and run and run and score goal after goal.. They are something else. The score ended up being 4-0 and Real totally kicked butt. I see the Real players practice every day because they practice on the field right next to XanGo.. but it is not the same feeling as being at the game. Then we sent some solid time in the Real store shopping around and you know what?.. They had man capris.. They are the coolest things i have ever seen and i would have made the purchase but they didn't have my size. I'll be back to get some and you'll all want a pair! I guess they are huge over in Europe but i haven't heard my talk about it. Oh good old Europe.. It is an amazing place.

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