Monday, November 24, 2008

Coldplay Concert

I had THE best weekend! Nothing can top it! I went to the Coldplay concert Saturday night and i have never been to a concert better than theirs.. The excitement was uncontrollable! The way the stage was set up, the lights, the crowd.. As soon as i upload the pictures i will post them.. Chris Martin is such a performer.. Every song was live and he did a marvelous job.. The whole band made the concert FANTASTIC! I took some pictures with my phone and they aren't very good but they'll do!

This was taken right when the concert was over..
These were butterflies that fell from the ceiling.. People were going crazy over them! They glow in the dark.. Ah it was awesome!
This is when they were playing Lovers in Japan.. One of my favorite songs!

Coldplay went in the middle of the crowd and played The Scientist Acoustic.. and another song. I can't remember..
This is my favorite picture!

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